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It is no secret that the retail world has changed over the last years. The challenge nowadays is to retain the attention of consumers and generate engagement with them. For this reason, innovative content formats should be a focus point for retailers and a key element in their marketing strategies. This is why digital catalogues remain an essential content format for retailers.

Changes in consumer behaviour show that there is a demand for immediacy, creating a need for retailers to update their products and promotions constantly. 

78% of consumers who visited a store turned to online search before.

The dynamic catalogue's format enables retailers to satisfy consumer's needs by automating their content creation, making updates in real-time and enhancing their digital marketing campaigns.

How does the dynamic catalogue help retailers achieve their goals?

1. Time-saving

Creating a catalogue can take a substantial amount of time, especially for departments like design who can spend many hours on it. The dynamic catalogue is built from the retailer’s product database. This allows an automated process creation, allowing the catalogue to be in sync with the retailer’s e-commerce or API.

2. Obtain relevant data

The products are efficiently organised into categories. This allows the retailer to gather information about their consumers’ preferences like most clicked products and favourite categories.

3. Real-time updates

Thanks to the connection to the product database, retailers can make changes and updates on their dynamic catalogues in real-time and the frequency in which they want to make these updates.

Adapting the catalogues for different stores or regions also becomes an automated and less expensive process because of the connection to the product feed.

A design that brings you value

The design of the dynamic catalogue allows retailers to create a unique user experience, making the shopper’s planning process more enjoyable. This permits the retailer to achieve higher CTR rates, generate an increase in engagement, reaching increased catalogue readings.

Here you can see some of its characteristics:

Catálogo dinámico

Want to know more?

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